Safari is a word from the Swahili language. The word means a journey. In the traditional sense this journey was taken on foot or by using animals like camel or donkey. In the modern sense, the word safari has become synonymous with traveling to Africa with the intention of viewing of wildlife. Seremara Safaris are your most reliable partners when you begin thinking African safari. With deep local knowledge and industry connections, we offer the best quality of safaris you can ever imagine. From set itineraries starting from 3 days to as many as 14 days, or more.

You could be part of a small group, on your own, or travel as a group of friends/ family.

A modern African Vacation as designed by Seremara, whilst still focuses on the wildlife, and pristine nature of an area, can be enjoyed in a number of ways, many of which vary depending upon the area.

Rather than road travel, which most people opt for, you might like the idea of flying between the Lodges and Camps in a light aircraft – this cuts out on the overall traveling time, and allows for some spectacular views, and even some great game viewing. Seremara will be here to offer all the options available for you.

So, where to go? When to go? What experiences do you want from your African Safari? Talk to us.

Our travel experts will work with you to come up with the most suitable travel package in line with your desires and interests. These includes and not limited to:

As the name suggests, private safaris are exactly that – custom made to individual taste with freedom of choice on travel dates, length of trip, level of luxury, etc. In other words, these are tailor-made journeys, designed just for you thus giving you and your travel companions personalized attention and exclusive use tour vans and villas.

Travelling alone, as a couple, or as a family with young children or older parents , Seremara safari consultants will be guiding you all the way from the first to the last step of the way ensuring you all have a unforgettable Safari.

Group safaris can still be private safaris, if all the participants of the trip are from the same place and are traveling together in large numbers. It is still private in the sense that all the participants agree in advance to do similar things while on the trip. Group safaris are almost always cheaper in comparison with the individual, private trips. The prices are lower due to discounts and shared costs of transportation. At Seremara, we use our industry connections to get for you the best rates possible for your Africa Safari Holiday. Trust us on that.

Family Safaris, bringing together couples with their kids, or inter-generation families with kids, grand kids together with grandmothers and fathers can enjoy well designed trips. Such trips need to be tailored well enough to take care of the different needs of all – young energetic kids, teens, adults and even senior citizens.

Equipped with local knowledge and expertise, we at Seremara will tailor trips that are both comfortable and enjoyable for all types for families. We know the hotels, lodges and camps that are child-friendly as well as those with activities for young and old. Engage our experts with the needs of your family and sit back as we surprise you with a wonderful Safari package.

If you know your way around, self drive safaris are a good and affordable way to travel within East Africa. Renting a car has advantages over any other means of transport, which makes it seriously worth considering for a week or two. All the parks and reserves are open to private and rented vehicles and there is a lot to be said for the freedom of choice that having your own wheels gives you.

At Seremara, we facilitate the process at whatever stage you may need our assistance – whether you need us to help with car rental, hotel booking, tents and camping equipment acquisition, or any other services you may need.

The wild beauty of Kenya has attracted Hollywood stars and directors to come and film on location for over half a century with enormous success. Box office hits like Mogambo, Born Free, White Mischief, Out of Africa and the Oscar-winning Nowhere in Africa, where all filmed in Kenya.

Such legendary stars as Grace Kelly, Clark Gable, Charlton Heston, John Wayne, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Michael Caine, Stephanie Powers, John Hurt and Ralph Fiennes are but a few of the Cinema luminaries that have performed on location in Kenya.

Commercials, wildlife films, and documentaries make up the bulk of films shot in Kenya, largely because the wildlife is so accessible, but where Kenya excels as a film location is in the fact that it has, without doubt, the widest variety of beautiful landscapes in all of Africa.

Seremara Safaris also specializes in providing high-end African Vacations suitable for VIPs. You or your guest will sit back, relax and enjoy travel services in comfort. These include, but are not limited to chauffeur driven high-end cars, sightseeing tours, Weddings and other special occasions etc. All you need to do is to contact us with the details of your VIP travel needs, and we shall be happy to send you the quotation for the services.

Joining safaris are very with budget travelers and Seremara Safaris is keen to offer the best quality of joining safaris. These types of safaris allow you to join other safari enthusiast on a set departure, with fixed dates. These are essentially group departures where individual travelers join other persons interested in a similar trip. As a group safari, the prices are usually moderate because of the shared costs.

Flying Safaris means you will fly from safari destination to another, avoiding road transfers that can at times be long and tiring. Essentially, there are 2 different types of flying safaris – on schedule flights and private charters. Needless to say, the private charter would be the costlier option of the two.

Whichever option you will like, we at Seremara Safaris shall work with you to design the perfect flying safari itinerary incorporating your preferred flying mode and at a pace that suits you.

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