Besides being the largest national park in Kenya and being home to the  ‘Red Elephants’, Tsavo East National Park is also famous for the story of the Man-Eaters of Tsavo where  2 male lions attacked workers constructing the Kenya-Uganda railway and terrorized the entire  labour force. That was almost a century ago.

Today, this Tsavo East national Park is known for its huge herds of ‘red elephants’ that dust themselves with the red-oxide soil so typical of Tsavo. Other species to be on the look-out for are the endemic desert warthog, hirola (also known as Hunter’s hartebeest) and Peter’s Gazelle.  A safari to Tsavo East can be easily combined with Amboseli or beach stay in Mombasa or Diani.

The park is easy to navigate as it predominantly lies on a plateau of open thorn country scattered with rocky outcrops and giant baobab trees.  The Yatta plateau, one of the world’ longest lava flows runs along the entire western boundary.

Separating northern and southern Kenya, Tsavo East National Park features bushy grasslands, open plains dotted with baobabs alternating with semi-arid acacia scrub and lush woodlands. The arid environment with its unique red earth creates spectacular photo opportunities. This park is home to some of the largest elephant and buffalo herds in Kenya. Tsavo East boasts a rich biodiversity and is said to be one of the last remaining wildernesses. Visitors can enjoy many wonderful attractions including: Galana River and Lugard’s Falls; the magnificent Yatta Plateau; and Mudanda Rock, a natural viewpoint which overlooks a much visited and photographed drinking hole. The south of the park is busier, while north of Galana is a remarkably quiet wilderness where visitors can enjoy this unspoilt beauty.

Possible safari Activities in Tsavo East: –   North of the Galana river is  remote wilderness with dense Acacia commiphora woodland – good for walking safaris.  The area around Mudanda Rock forms a natural dam with an observation point for excellent game viewing as concentration of elephant and other wildlife come to drink.

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