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Seremara Safaris are your most reliable partners when you begin thinking safari. With deep local knowledge and industry connections, we offer the best quality of safaris you can ever imagine. From set itineraries starting from 3 days to as many as 14 days, or more. Our major Kenya destinations are Masai Mara, Amboseli, Samburu, Ol-Pajeta, Aberdares and Mount Kenya.

You could be part of a small group, on your own, or travel as a group of friends or family.

A modern African Safari as designed by Seremara, whilst still focuses on the wildlife, and pristine nature of an area, can be enjoyed in a number of ways, many of which vary depending upon the area.

Rather than road travel, which most people opt for, you might like the idea of flying between the Lodges and Camps in a light aircraft – this cuts out on the overall travelling time, and allows for some spectacular views, and even some great game viewing. Seremara will be here to offer all the options available for you.

So, where to go? When to go? What experiences do you want from your African Safari? Talk to us.

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